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Southwest University Park


Southwest University Park
1 Ballpark Plaza
El Paso, TX 79901



Southwest University Park meets all structural and service requirements as stipulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The following services are available to accommodate the needs of our ADA guests:

ADA Parking
Parking for ADA Guests are available at the Franklin/Durango Parking Lot (by parking pass or invite only), the Mills Building, the Union Pacific Transit Terminal, and at Destination El Paso (El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau). Parking fees and spaces are dependent on the parking lot location.

ADA Seating
Wheelchair and companion seating is offered on every level and specific sections of the ballpark as follows:
Section 103: 3 wheelchair spaces
Section 104: 2 wheelchair spaces
Section 111: 4 wheelchair spaces
Section 114: 4 wheelchair spaces
Section 204: 3 wheelchair spaces
Section 211: 1 wheelchair spaces
Section 212: 2 wheelchair spaces
Dugout Club: 1 wheelchair space
Budweiser Bullpen: 2 wheelchair spaces

ADA seats may be purchased at our Ticket Offices or by contacting Ticket Personnel at (915) 235-GOAL.

Drop off location for ADA guests:

  • Durango St. & West Franklin Ave.

General Public drop off locations:

  • Main St. & Santa Fe St.
  • San Antonio Ave. between Durango St. & Santa Fe St.


ADA Guests who require the use of an elevator have access to the public elevator, which can be accessed on the concourse level, behind home plate, next to the Durango Gates. Guests must have ticket or credential access to other levels in order to use the elevator.


All ballpark facilities will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Handicap accessible entrances are located on the west side of the ballpark on Durango Street and on the east side of the ballpark on Santa Fe Street.

  • DURANGO STREET: The ADA entrance is the Clock Tower located next to the Durango Box Office. The Elevator for use to all levels of the ballpark is located inside.
  • SANTA FE STREET: There are two (2) ADA entrances at both Franklin and Santa Fe Gates, which are on either side of the Big Dog House located in right field. The Elevators can be accessed to the left, past the stairs leading to the main concourse, and down the tunnel. Attendants will be on hand to direct guests to the elevators.

There are wheelchairs available each game and match for transportation to/from their seat. Contact the Guest Services Center, who will place the request with ProAction, our First Aid responders.

Texas law prohibits fans from bringing alcohol into or out of the ballpark. Southwest University Park guests are encouraged to drink responsibly. By law, guests must be 21 years of age or older to purchase or consume alcohol. Proper identification is required to purchase any alcoholic beverage. Minors 17 years of age and younger are not allowed to sit at any bar and must be accompanied by an adult to be in the bar areas.

No guest will be served or have in their possession more than two alcoholic beverages. Ballpark management reserves the right to reduce the purchase limit and discontinue sales at any time. Guests are not permitted to enter the ballpark if they appear intoxicated. Drunk and disorderly behavior or violation of any alcohol policy will result in ejection from the ballpark without refund. 

Beer sales are discontinued at the 75th minute on the main concourse. Liquor sales in the Big Dog House and WestStar Club conclude at the end of the match.

With the exception of trained service animals as defined under Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), no animals are permitted within Southwest University Park.  Service animals must be under the effective control of the handler at all times and all vaccinations for rabies and other common diseases must be up to date. 

ATMs are located for the guests’ convenience at the following location:

  • Concourse Level/Behind home plate/In between the Men’s and Women’s Restrooms

*Due to considerations in relation to COVID-19, autographs are suspended for the 2021 season.

Players are not permitted to sign autographs during the match. Locomotive FC pre-match autographs will take place on the main concourse, behind section 101 with select non-dressing players. Locomotive FC post-match autographs will take place on the warning track, with entrance via the right field gate located in the Santa Fe Plaza. Guests may not climb or lean on top of dugouts, bullpens, field gates, or the net behind the dugouts and home plate. Guests seeking autographs from a seat location other than their own, may be asked to proceed to their designated seating location.

*Due to considerations in relation to COVID-19, the ball kids program is suspended for the 2021 season.

El Paso Locomotive FC will utilize Ball Kids that will assist in retrieving soccer balls that go out of bounds. This will include soccer balls that enter the seating bowl or other public areas. 

Soccer balls entering the stands will need to be returned to the field (pitch). A staff member will come to retrieve the soccer ball. Guests should not interfere with the game in progress and be respectful of other guests. Guests who fail to adhere to these rules face immediate ejection from the ballpark and will be subject to arrest and prosecution. 

Banners, flags, and signs are permitted provided they are baseball or soccer-related, in good taste and not of a political or commercial nature. These may not exceed three feet in height, obstruct the view of other guests or ballpark signage or be temporarily or permanently affixed to the building structure.  Southwest University Park Management reserves the right to remove any banner or sign. 

No bottles (glass or otherwise), cans, food, beverages or containers may be brought into the ballpark, with the exception of items necessary for health reasons and one (1) sealed non-glass water bottle or cup per guest. Food and beverage are available for purchase through our concession stands throughout the game.

All Saturday Locomotive FC home games will be broadcast by the local CW affiliate. All Locomotive FC games will be broadcast via ESPN+ (subscription web-based platform).

Still cameras are welcome in the ballpark. Videotaping, reproduction and distribution is strictly prohibited without the express written consent from El Paso Locomotive FC. Tripods and monopods for photographic equipment used by patrons are not permitted.

As of 2021, Southwest University Park is a cashless facility. VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted for all ticket, merchandise and concession purchases as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. For cash transactions, please visit the Advance Ticket Windo behind Section 112 to exchange cash for a voucher. The voucher is good to use around the facility except the 50/50 Community Jackpot presented by Texas Gas Service. The 50/50 Community Jackpot presented by Texas Gas Service prefers debit cards in lieu of cash.


The Hospitals of Providence Children’s Hospital Chico's Playground is located on the centerfield concourse and consists of a splash pad and children’s play set. Chico's Playground is open approximately 1 hour prior to game time and remains open for the duration of the game. Chico's Playground is available on most game dates, but may be closed on select dates or may close early due to inclement weather or special promotions at the discretion of ballpark management. Children 12 and under only, and must be accompanied by an adult upon entry and exit. Chico’s Playground patrons must have swimsuits or be fully clothed while using the splash pad. No changing is permitted in Chico’s Playground. See area signage for a full list of rules and regulations.

Children ages two (2) and under do not require a ticket for entry into the ballpark. However, they must sit on the lap of the accompanying parent/guardian. Children three (3) years of age and older require a ticket for admittance into the ballpark. All children 15 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Southwest University Park is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable family environment for our guests at the ballpark. Our staff will proactively intervene to support an environment where guests can enjoy the experience free of unacceptable behavior, including the following:

  • Foul/abusive language or obscene gestures, including chants that use inappropriate language including any comments regarding racism, sexual orientation or ethnicity are not permitted
  • Intoxication or other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption
  • Displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting
  • Obscene or indecent clothing
  • Any disruption of the game or event, including throwing objects, spitting, or trespassing on the playing field or in restricted areas
  • Sitting in a location other than the guest's ticketed seat
  • Fighting, taunting, making threatening, or personal remarks/gestures towards guests, team members, and employees alike
  • Violations of any Southwest University Park policies, local ordinances, state or federal laws
  • Any behavior that impairs the safety and/or enjoyment of the event from other guests
  • Failing to follow instructions of ballpark personnel
  • Throwing cups and/or cans

Any guest not adhering to the above code or behaving in an unruly manner will be removed from the ballpark. Southwest University Park management reserves the right to determine what unruly or unacceptable behavior is. If anyone is interfering with the enjoyment of our facility, please speak to any security member, law enforcement officer, ballpark management or visit the Guest Services Center.

Professional Sports Catering (PSC) is the exclusive concessionaire in the ballpark. They operate all concession stands and hospitality areas. Guests may inquire or make comments regarding food service by contacting PSC directly at (915) 242-2042.


The health and safety of our guests, employees, players, and coaches is of the highest priority for MountainStar Sports Group and El Paso Locomotive FC. We are committed to practicing the best and safest efforts to keep the community safe when attending soccer and other events at Southwest University Park.

If you have any questions, please contact us at, or by calling (915) 242-2000.

Requests for working press credentials at Locomotive FC games should be made to Derick Fox at (801) 520-0640 or by visiting All requests should be received prior to the start of the season or at least one week prior to the requested game. A number of these credentials are honored for the entire soccer season while others are issued on a daily basis. All working press credentials must enter through the Clock Tower next to the Durango Box Office. Each credential issued indicates the areas within the ballpark where they will be honored. 

Each credential is non-transferable.  Any abuse of the privilege of issued credentials will result in revoked credentials.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted for all ticket, merchandise and concession purchases. 

Southwest University Park management asks if guests are drinking at the ballpark, that they not drive. Guests should bring a designated driver or find other means of transportation to get themselves home. If a taxi is needed, please visit or contact the Guest Services Center so arrangements can be made.


Drinking fountains are located at the following locations:

  •  Concourse/Section 122/ in front of Women's Restroom
  •  Concourse/Section 115/In front of Women's Restroom
  •  Concourse/Section 110/in front of Women's Restroom
  •  Club/Section 211/Women's Restroom
  •  Club/Behind home plate, Suite Area/Between Restrooms


Certain ballpark elevators are available to guests with proper credentials or tickets and ADA guests. These elevators will transport passengers to the field, concourse, club, and press levels. Guests may access elevators behind home plate or in the Big Dog House. 

No exit & re-entry privileges. Once a guest exits the ballpark, that ticket will not be valid for re-entry.

Cards and letters to players and team personnel can be sent to one of the following:

- El Paso Locomotive FC, Attn: Player’s Name, 1 Ballpark Plaza, El Paso, TX 79901

Please be advised that items sent through the mail to be signed are done so at own risk. Though reasonable precautions will be taken, El Paso Locomotive FC players, management and staff are not responsible for items unreturned.

Per league rules, only authorized personnel will be permitted on the field before, during or after the game. Any guest attempting to enter the field of play without authorization will be removed from the ballpark and subject to criminal prosecution and/or fines.

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are provided by ProAction and are available at all Locomotive FC games, located on the concourse level, first base side, next to the restrooms. If first aid is required, contact any first aid attendant, police officer, or any staff member with a radio. Do not try to move an injured guest or administer any treatment. 

The ballpark's Pace of Game clocks located on the backstop and the outfield wall, in addition to the video board will serve as the match game clocks. The clock will not stop for any break, but rather add “stoppage time” at the end of each half. The ballpark clocks will display the time from 0:00 to 45:00 and from 45:00 to 90:00 (plus stoppage time where applicable in each half). 

All guest bags are subject to search upon entry. Diaper bags, backpacks, small bags and purses will be permitted into the ballpark, but are subject to inspection. Umbrellas are also permitted so long as they are less than three feet in diameter and do not obstruct the view of other guests. Strollers and fold up wagons are permitted in the ballpark. Fold-up strollers should be stored under seats and/or out of walkways. Strollers may not obstruct stairs or walkways inside the ballpark. We do not have storage for strollers, nor are we responsible for strollers left unattended.

Prohibited items will not be permitted inside the ballpark. Prohibited items include any food or beverage not purchased in the ballpark. Exceptions include: items necessary for health reasons, one sealed plastic water bottle per guest, or one empty plastic water bottle or cup per guest for water fountain refills. No glass, no exceptions. If a guest has special dietary needs, they must receive proper approval from gate security before bringing in items. Approved items will be labeled with an "Approved Dietary Needs" sticker valid for that game date from a designated bag attendant at each gate.

Southwest University Park utilizes metal detection upon entry with the use of hand wands for all Locomotive FC matches for all guests. Prohibited items include: coolers, baskets, lawn chairs, stadium seats, sticks, offensive, political or other non-event related banners or signs, inappropriate clothing, laser pointers, vuvuzelas, horns, whistles, cans, glass bottles & objects, projectiles that can cause injury or disruption of the game or event, beach balls or other inflatable objects including balloons, fireworks, smoke devices, flares, or other pyrotechnics, firearms or other weapons, squirt guns, frisbees, bicycles, in-line skates, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, unauthorized drones, knives, guns, drugs, and outside food and drink (exceptions include one sealed water bottle per guest or dietary needs approved items).

As stated, firearms are not permitted at Southwest University Park. This includes persons who hold a License to Carry (either a Concealed Carry or Open Carry license); per Section 30.06 and 30.07 of the Texas Penal Code, respectively.

On most game days, gates open to the general public one hour prior to the start of Locomotive FC games. Locomotive FC reserve the right to adjust gate times in conjunction with special promotions or rescheduled games. Gate times will be announced for all other events.

Gift Cards are now available at the ballpark team shops. Please visit for gift card terms and conditions.

Any guest that touches, attempts to touch or generally interferes with a ball in play or a player during a game will be subject to immediate ejection. 

This is the central hub for all Guest Services in the ballpark. It is located on the main concourse, behind home plate. Guests can refer to this booth for assistance with general questions, security or medical situations, guest concerns, Lost & Found, etc. If a guest would like to follow up with questions they can email Guest Services Management at or by calling 915-242-2000.

Anyone wishing to turn in a found item or inquire about a lost item may do so at the Guest Services Center on the main concourse. To inquire via phone, please call (915) 242-2000 or email Please note that most lost items are located within 12 hours of the game attended.

During a Locomotive FC home game, guests looking for a lost child should go to the Guest Services Center or alert any staff member or on-duty law enforcement officer.

Guests interested in performing the National Anthem at a  Locomotive FC game should upload an audition video to YouTube and submit the link to anthem must be memorized, sung a cappella and last under 90 seconds.

Guests interested in receiving more information about the El Paso Locomotive FC, may sign up for the newsletter by visiting They can also “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


Southwest University Park supports a mother’s right to nurse or express milk in any location in which the mother’s presence is otherwise authorized to be. Should a mother prefer a private space, areas include Nursing Stations, all public restrooms, and family restrooms (Field Level behind the KLAQ Fiesta Patio, Concourse Level behind Section 115, and Club Level behind Section 214). Our two (2) designated Nursing Stations are located at the Women’s Restrooms behind Section 109 & Section 211. Both have a labeled private station with a cushioned chair for mothers. For any questions, guests may visit the Guest Services Center or speak to a member of Southwest University Park Management.

The Locomotive FC administrative office is located in the Mills Building (123 W Mills, Ste 550, El Paso, TX 79901). Guests may call (915) 235-GOAL or visit for additional info.

Requests for paging are only honored when a situation has been confirmed to be of an extreme medical or security emergency. We will deliver a message to the guest at their seat location, if known. If necessary, a public address system announcement requesting the guest to report to the Guest Services Center will be made.


  • Guest parking for Locomotive FC matches is located at the Mills Building, the Union Pacific Transit Terminal, and at Destination El Paso (El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau). For Season Ticket Member reserved parking information, please contact your Account Executive.
  • Parking for ADA guests is available at the Mills Building, the Union Pacific Transit Terminal, and at Destination El Paso (El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau). Pricing is determined by Parking Lot Management
  • Drop off areas are located at:
    • Durango St. & Franklin Ave. (guests with Disabilities only)
    • Main St. & Santa Fe St. (all guests)
    • San Antonio Ave. between Durango St. & Santa Fe St. (all guests)

Unauthorized vending of food, merchandise, or tickets is not allowed. Regulations prohibit the peddling or soliciting of these items on facility grounds. This includes both ticket scalping at above face value and the resale of tickets at face value or less. Unlawful resale, or attempted resale, of counterfeit or copy of tickets is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. Should you obtain your tickets through any other source than the Locomotive FC, the club is not responsible for loss or reimbursement of fraudulent tickets.

The Press Box for game day use is located on the Press Level and is accessible via the elevator or stairs. Proper credentials are required.

Distribution of promotional items are for guests in attendance only and are limited to one item per person in attendance. Giveaway items are distributed in accordance with the promotion's specified restrictions (i.e. First 1,000 guests ages 12 & under). Ballpark management recommends arriving early on promotional giveaway dates. A ticket is not a guarantee of a promotional item. All promotion dates, items and distribution are subject to change and/or cancellation. Promotional giveaway items are intended solely for guests.

Locomotive FC game day posters will be distributed to the first 2,500 guests in attendance for every Locomotive FC home match. Game program can be found digitally at

Postponed Games: In the event a game is not played, subject to the discretion of the organization, tickets can be exchanged for equal or lesser value tickets for a future game, subject to availability. Tickets must be exchanged on a ticket for ticket basis at a Southwest University Park Ticket Office. Tickets may not be exchanged over the phone, and compensated tickets are not eligible for exchange.

Suspended Games: If a Locomotive FC match is suspended, it will resume at a date/time agreed to by the competing teams in consultation with the USL Championship and will start in the same minute in which the match was suspended. Please listen for announcements that give further direction related to rain out game exchanges.


Southwest University Park Retail stores (Chihuahuas and Locomotive FC) honor returns and exchanges for 30 days with receipt, with the exception of hats. Merchandise must be returned to the shop in which it was purchased (i.e. Locomotive FC at Santa Fe Team Shop). Returns and Exchanges on hats will not be honored outside of seven days listed on the receipt and must show no signs of wear or damage. No returns or exchanges will be honored without a receipt and tags present. Guests are asked to inspect items prior to leaving the store as the retail staff are not responsible for any damages to merchandise once it leaves the store. Returns or Exchanges will not be honored on damaged merchandise. All returns and exchanges are executed subject to Management review. Any questions or guest issues regarding refunds/exchanges, contact a retail store supervisor at (915) 242-2060 or email the customer service inbox at

There are no refunds on any ticket purchases or exchanges for single game tickets. Single game tickets cannot be replaced if lost or destroyed. Please keep your ticket away from extreme light and/or heat. If your tickets are stolen, you must file a report with your local police department. When Southwest University Park ticket offices receive the report, a duplicate ticket can be issued. For any questions or concerns regarding refunds/exchanges, please contact the Box Office at (915) 235-GOAL.


There are 11 sets of public restrooms, and 3 public family restrooms. Changing tables can be found in restrooms throughout the ballpark. Each restroom is accessible for ADA guests.

The locations are as follows:

  •  Field Level - behind home plate (Dugout Club)
  •  Field Level - Family Restroom, first baseline (behind KLAQ Fiesta Patio)
  •  Concourse Level - Center field, next to the Santa Fe Pavilion
  •  Concourse Level - down the third baseline, behind the Budweiser Bullpen Patio (Section 122)
  •  Concourse Level -third baseline (Section 115)
  •  Concourse Level-Family Restroom, third baseline (Section 115)
  •  Concourse Level -first baseline (Section 110)
  •  Club Level - third baseline (Section 211)
  •  Club Level - Family Restroom, third baseline (Section 214)
  •  Club Level - Suite Restrooms behind home plate
  •  Press Level - Behind home plate
  •  Big Dog House - City Hall Grill
  •  Big Dog House - Sun Kings Saloon
  •  Big Dog House - Wooftop Deck

The Locomotive FC Retail Store is located off N Santa Fe St. next to the Ticket Office. Both locations will be open during Chihuahuas and Locomotive FC home games. 

Retail Store Hours:

Non-game Days:

  • Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Game Days: 

  • 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; reopening when gates open and closes approximately 15 minutes after the conclusion of game.

During fielding practices, warm-ups and the course of the game experience, soccer balls may be kicked into the stands. For everyone's safety, please stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Any guest who is concerned with his or her seat location should contact a ticket office representative for an alternate seat location, if available.

Southwest University Park wants to ensure guests have an enjoyable experience at the game. Security guards and on-duty law enforcement officers will be positioned throughout the ballpark. Should you require assistance, please contact the nearest security guard, staff member, law enforcement officer, or member of Management.

Smoking, Tobacco, and electronic cigarettes are strictly prohibited in the ballpark. 

Guests interested in sponsorship endeavors may inquire by calling (915) 283-3415, or by emailing

*Due to considerations in relation to COVID-19, some elements of supporter group activities may be suspended for the 2021 season.

8th Notch is the official Supporter Group for El Paso Locomotive FC. Supporter Groups are common in fútbol culture and are renowned for their enthusiastic vocal and musical support and display of banners to encourage their own team and intimidate opposing teams. 

8th Notch will arrive at the ballpark via parade from Santa Fe Avenue, at approximately 15 minutes before gates open. 8th Notch will be located in section 105, which will be all open seating within that section for supporters and individual ticket buyers alike. Their section will be set up with drums, banners (TIFOs), smoke devices, etc. Smoke devices may be utilized during pregame and during goal celebrations.

Other recognized groups will include 1810 Taqueria, and will be located in Section 123. Seating for 123 will be by individually manifested tickets (not GA). Visiting team supporter groups will be located in section 216. 

Ticket office hours are as follows:

  • Non-game days:
    • Durango and Santa Fe Box Offices:
      • Monday-Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
      • Saturday & Sunday: Closed  
  • Game Days:
    • Durango and Santa Fe Box Offices:
      • Monday-Friday: 10:00 am – end of match
      • Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – end of match

Buying tickets:

*Due to considerations in relation to COVID-19, all tickets will be mobile for the 2021 Season.

  • In person: Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Southwest University Park Ticket Offices. They are located on Durango & Santa Fe (see hours of operation above).
  • By phone: Tickets can be purchased by calling (915)-235-GOAL for Locomotive FC tickets. $4 processing fee per phone order.
  • By internet: Tickets can be purchased online at (limit 8 per purchase, per event.) $1.50 processing fee per ticket for online orders.

All individual game ticket sales are final and are not subject to refund or exchange. El Paso Locomotive FC are not affiliated in any way with third party ticket vendors. To guarantee your purchased tickets are valid at entry, purchase your tickets at, or through Southwest University Park ticket attendant by calling (915)-235-GOAL. Complimentary Tickets are not subject to the normal exchange policy for postponed games. Guests with questions should contact the Ticket Office for further assistance.

Season tickets are currently available for purchase by calling (915)-235-GOAL, and asking for a Season Ticket Account Executive. You may also send inquiries to

Anyone wishing to reserve tickets for groups or are interested in a ticket package may visit the Ticket Information Table on the concourse behind home plate/section 112 or by calling and (915) 235-GOAL.

Videoboard announcements are shown around the 30th minute. To request a video board announcement, please contact Ruben Armendariz at or (915) 242-2015. There is a $100 donation to the Locomotive Foundation, and requests must be submitted at least 48 hours before a game, requests received on game day may not be honored. A request is not a guarantee of an announcement. In-game requests for future games may be submitted at the Guest Services Center. All money raised will benefit the Locomotive Foundation.

Information required:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Exact, verbatim message, complete with spellings of names (maximum of 48 characters)

Weapons of any kind are not permitted in Southwest University Park, with the exception of on-duty law enforcement officers. As stated, firearms are not permitted at Southwest University Park. This includes persons who hold a License to Carry (either a Concealed Carry or Open Carry license); per Section 30.06 and 30.07 of the Texas Penal Code, respectively. 

Guests and Game Day Staff at Southwest University Park will be able to enjoy free WiFi during games and events. Network ID is “Chihuahuas.” No password needed. Users will be directed to a Splash Page (agreement page) before they are able to use the network.

Guests may pick up Will Call tickets at any ballpark ticket window during posted office hours. Photo ID is required to pick up tickets at Will Call. Tickets will only be released to the individual who purchased the tickets. Will Call orders may be picked up during ticket office operating hours any time after the order has been processed.