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Youth Soccer Club


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Teams in the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club enjoyed another successful weekend of games in the local El Paso League.

Bob Bigney, the Director of Youth Soccer for Locomotive FC commented, "Our teams continue to put in excellent performances, both with their quality of play on the field - and with the way the players, coaches and spectators conduct themselves at games."

Locomotive teams, 16 teams in the U11 - U18 age groups, are setting the standard for how a youth soccer club should operate.  Bigney continued, "it's great to see our coaches working together to meet the needs of all our players.  The club philosophy that we are promoting really helps to provide a great environment for players to develop and enjoy success on & off the field."

Teams will play in local league games until the end of October.  Several exciting events are planned for the end of the Fall 2020 season with teams participating in local tournaments, regional competitions, hosting several top teams/clubs in El Paso and playing against MLS Academy teams. 


With the Paso Del Norte League taking a break over the Labor Day weekend, the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club can look back on the matches that have been played during the first 3 weekends of the local El Paso league.

Since the launch of the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club in April, coaches have developed their squads and organized the players on the fields for practices and games.  In its inaugural year, the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club has formed 16 teams for boys in the u11 – u18 age groups.

With all things considered, the start of the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club has really been amazing”, commented Bob Bigney, the Director of Youth Soccer for Locomotive FC.  “We have been very fortunate to attract the coaches we have in the club.  They have done a great job of managing their teams to start the season.  Over time, our players will really benefit from the instruction and direction they receive from our coaching staff”.

The local league began games on August 15 and have completed 3 weekends of play.  Over the past weekends, Locomotive teams have compiled the following results:

34 games played.  23 games won.

121 goals scored.  48 goals allowed.

Bigney continued, “With the season just getting started, and our teams just coming together, results are not the most important thing for our coaches & teams.  We are developing a style of play and teaching the players how to play the game – it is a process and it takes time to develop.  But the way our teams are playing right now is very promising for the future.  In time, we will continue to get better and better.”

Locomotive teams will continue league play after the Labor Day Holiday.  Teams have a regular practice schedule which provides development for all players in the Club.  As Bob Bigney noted,  “The practice environment we have created truly provides some wonderful developmental opportunities for our players and coaches.  We are operating as a true youth soccer club, where coaches work together to provide the best opportunities for each player.  We are seeing great results from this approach already – and the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club is just getting started!”

As the Youth Club Director, Bob Bigney brings vast experience to the oversight of the Club.  Bigney holds his National A License and the National Youth License from US Soccer, where he also serves as a coach educator for the US Federation.  In addition to coaching at the college & professional levels for 14 years, Bigney has worked as the Club Technical Director for several nationally recognized youth clubs and served as the State Director of Coaching in Oregon and New Mexico before coming on board with Locomotive FC.

  • Locomotive Youth Teams Announced for the Fall 2020 Season

Bob Bigney, the Director of Youth Soccer for El Paso Locomotive FC, proudly announced the youth teams that will represent Locomotive for the Fall season.

"While the team formation process was tricky this spring, we are thrilled with the squads we have put together and the coaches we have leading these teams.  These Locomotive youth teams will compete in local, regional and national events and players will experience the connection to the Locomotive FC professional team."

"We are very proud of the 16 teams (u11 - u18) we have formed for boys this season - and look forward to launching the girl's side of the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club in the future."
Bob Bigney - Director, Youth Soccer.  Locomotive FC

The Locomotive Youth Soccer Teams are currently preparing for the Fall 2020 season.


Locomotive FC Youth Soccer Goalkeeper Training

On Sunday, Aug 9, the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club conducted specialized training for the Club's goalkeepers in the u15, u16, u17 and u18 age groups.

Led by JC Garzon & Obed Hernandez, who serve as the GK Coaches for the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club, the Youth Club's goalkeepers were put through training activities to supplement their regular team training.

Stopping by to share some comments & watch the training was Locomotive FC goalkeeper Logan Ketterer.

Keeper Wars Champion - Rommel Tarrin, with Locomotive FC goalkeeper Logan Ketterer