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Locomotive Outreach Supports Young Players Locally and Internationally

By Derick Fox, 02/17/21, 11:45AM MST


“It’s always good to feel to be a part of something and with this kind of donation you really get a sense of belonging."

Since the club’s founding in 2018, El Paso Locomotive has engrained itself into the community. In just a few short years the young club has been a part of El Paso, Locomotive has spared no expense in providing everything it can to give back to the city that has cheered it on historic success. With its connections within the El Paso soccer community and its player-base that comes from every corner of the globe, Locomotive has found a unique position to be able to give back and provide the opportunity for others to enjoy the beautiful game.

Everyone at Locomotive – from the front office staff to the players on the field – takes pride in being able to provide what the team can for the community that we all call home, whether that is on or off the pitch.

“We have always had a great relationship with Simon and Juan through their work in Segundo Barrio,” said Locomotive Marketing and Communications Director Sarah Nollner. “From the team name announcement to weekly storytimes at schools with our players, we have wanted the community to feel like El Paso Locomotive is their team. We are happy to continue that relationship through this donation and look forward to seeing all of the new Locos gear being worn.”

Partnering with the El Paso Independent School District, Locomotive was able to make its donation to the historic neighborhood of El Segundo Barrio. El Paso Locomotive gear including shorts, jerseys, sweatshirts, and more will be distributed between the EPISD and the local youth soccer club, Segundo Barrio FC.

“We appreciate the donation,” said Simon Chandler, EPISD Community Coordinator and Executive Director of Segundo Barrio FC.  “We do a lot of work here in the community with the schools. It’s something we can use in our community outreach. With our program with the El Paso ISD community schools, we rely on community partners. Locomotive has always been a great community partner for us, and we are very appreciative of that and we will find a good home for everything that has been donated.”

“It’s a connection for the kids,” said Juan Adame, Executive Director of Segundo Barrio FC. “It’s always good to feel to be a part of something and with this kind of donation, you really get a sense of belonging. It’s a big connection to the team and a big opportunity here in Segundo soccer that gives the kids something to strive for. Locomotive can be a team they can be a part of.”

Locally, the donation of gear from Locomotive will be distributed between both Segundo Barrio FC and EPISD schools in the area. With this partnership between Locomotive and the local community, Chandler is hopeful that the donation can help local kids can stay motivated in their schoolwork while creating that sense of belonging with a team in their own backyard.

In addition to giving to Segundo Barrio and the EPISD, Locomotive donated gear as part of its continuing partnership with Texas Tech, providing apparel to healthcare workers that are aiding El Paso through the pandemic. Ozzy and the staff from the Club also donated time to support and give back to the community.

"Our Texas Tech El Paso family is grateful for our partnership with Locomotive FC," said Dr. Andrea Tawney, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Texas Tech Health Services.  "The donation of co-branded apparel is being proudly worn by our frontline healthcare heroes that have tirelessly staffed our Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso Clinics since the start of the pandemic. In addition to this donation, the team at Locomotive FC has also provided meals and appearances by Ozzy that are a huge morale boost and show how supportive our community has been through some of the most challenging times. "

Locomotive players also are in the spirit of giving back to their communities. Thanks to having a diverse roster, with players from across the globe uniting in El Paso, the reach of Locomotive has never been further from home. Locomotive veteran defender Mechack Jerome consistently takes advantage of his unique position to provide resources to others who are inspired by what professional soccer players do. Every year, Mechack finds the opportunity to give back to his native Haiti, providing soccer gear to give young kids a chance to play the beautiful game.

“It means a lot to me to be able to do this,” shared the Haitian native. “When I was little, I didn’t have anybody to give to me like this and I now have the opportunity to give back, I’m going to try my best to help them grow and maybe become professional soccer players.”

Over each offseason, Mechack gets help from his fellow teammates and Locomotive to give back to the kids in Haiti. With the generous donations and some money of his own, Mechack collects boots, jerseys, balls, and other gear that will allow young soccer hopefuls in Haiti to start their dreams of becoming professionals in the world’s game.

“An enormous thank you to Locomotive,” concluded Simon Chandler. “We will make sure we find a good spot for everything you’ve donated. We can’t wait to see you out on the field in the springtime. We will be out there to cheer you on!”

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