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2020 Fan Awards - Goal Celebration

By El Paso Locomotive FC, 11/20/20, 3:15PM MST


Who Celebrated the Best in 2020?

The second season is done and dusted, and Locomotive put to rest any doubts that it is one of the premier clubs in the USL Championship. Locos fought through an unprecedented year to a 13-game unbeaten streak, ending with an incredible second appearance in the Western Conference Final to make a lasting impression on the league.

Since the return to play, the Locos have broken through opposition and downed rivals with stellar saves, breathtaking goals, and a level of world-class professional soccer that only Locomotive can bring to the table. We have put together a shortlist of the best Goals, Saves, Locomotive Players, and Goal Celebrations; now it’s time for you, the fans, to cast your vote and decide who and what will claim the 2020 Fan Awards.

Scoring a goal is a cause for a celebration, no matter how big or how small. Whether it's hyping up the crowd, hugging your fellow teammates or something as simple as a dab, it's hard to contain your excitement after beating the goalkeeper and finding the back of the net. Now it's time for you, the fans, to choose who celebrated the best in 2020.

Leandro Carrijo - The Hype Factor

Dylan Mares - The Omar Piggy Back

Eder Borelli - The Monkey Hug

Distel Zola - The Rocket Launch

Leandro Carrijo - The Carrijo Dab

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