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Celebrating Chapa's Birthday With Drive-By Caravan

By Derick Fox, 05/04/20, 7:00PM MDT


Friends and Family Wish Chapa a Happy Birthday While Social Distancing

Even in the most trying times, there are a lot of little things you can do to brighten up someone’s day.

This past Sunday, Chapa Herrera celebrated his 24th birthday and he didn’t do so by himself. While still respecting social distancing, his family and friends, including the entire Locomotive FC locker room, drove by Herrera’s apartment in a caravan, honking their horns and waving signs wishing the El Paso native a happy birthday.

“I was like, what’s happening out there?” Herrera laughed. “When [my wife] started recording me so I figured it was something. I thought it was just going to be my family, I didn’t think it would be the whole team.”

For Herrera and his family, the self-isolating and social distancing orders have put a damper on their usual traditions. Typically, the whole family would meet up and go out to eat. Even with restaurants slowly opening their dining rooms again, the Herrera family still wanted to play it safe and devised the plan to surprise their sibling on his special day.

“I’m grateful that we could come to do this for him,” Herrera’s sister, Karol said. “Yesterday, we were able to bring him some cake and gifts but I know this means a lot to him. For his teammates and friends to have come too, honestly, it feels good to at least be able to do this.”

Not only was it something special for the Herrera family, but for the Locomotive family as well. The Locomotive FC locker room joined in on the caravan, waving signs and shouting birthday wishes to their teammate from their cars. Midfielder and good friend Memo Diaz noted what it means to be part of the Locomotive FC family.

“It’s really special,” Diaz said. “It’s something we can do for one of our teammates, especially since he is a good friend of mine. Being able to do this means a lot especially since we haven’t seen each other on that daily basis like we’re used to. Since most of us live on the west side, having everyone drive out to the east just to do this for a teammate, it says a lot about the locker room we have at Locomotive FC.”

The man of the hour, Chapa Herrera, felt the sentiments of everyone who participated in the drive-by from his balcony as he responded with waves and words of appreciation from his balcony while watching the parade.

“It’s pretty special, honestly,” Herrera said after the drive-by with a wide grin. “Thank you very much!”

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