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End Of Season Fan Vote Superlatives - Attacker of The Year

By El Paso Locomotive, 11/15/19, 3:00PM MST


The 2019 inaugural season was one for the books. Locomotive dug deep and proved that they were one of the best teams in the entire USL Championship. Locos bowed out of the playoffs in the Conference Final and left their mark on not only El Paso, but the league.

From March to November we have seen absolute stunners of goals, dramatic saves, impressive defensive efforts and more. We have compiled the Top 5 Goals, Saves, Defensive Acts, Defenders, Attacking Players, and best Pregame Fit; now it’s up to you, the FANS to decide who and what will take home the 2019 Fan Awards.

Jerome Kiesewetter Played in 28 games. 72.5 % PA. 44 Shots. 27 Shots on Target. 12 Goals. 27.3% Conversion Rate. 187. 9 Minutes per Goal. Zero Assists. 14 Key Passes.

Josue Aaron Gomez Played in 20 Games. 83% PA. 35 Shots. 19 Shots on Target. 8 Goals. 22.9% Conversion Rate. 125.4 Minutes per Goal. Zero Assists. 12 Key Passes.

Nick Ross Played in 32 Games. 89.6% PA. 17 Shots. 8 Shots on Target. 2 Goals. 11.8% Conversion Rate. 1,320.5 Minutes per Goal. 2 Assists. 32 Key Passes.

Omar Salgado Played in 37 games. 81.5 % PA. 66 Shots. 28 Shots on Target. Three Goals. 4.5% Conversion Rate. 959 minutes per Goal. 7 assists. 35 Key Passes. 

Sebastian Velasquez Played in 16 Games. 87.6% PA. 20 Shots. 7 Shots on Target. 5 Goals. 25% Conversion Rate. 282.6 Minutes per Goal. 2 Assists. 25 Key Passes.

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