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Group Experiences

A family reunion, company event, youth sports team, or events of any kind! Groups of 20 of more will receive special benefits such as:

  • In-game group recognition on our video board
  • Opportunity for ideal seating arrangement based on booking date 
  • Participation in pre-game, in-game, or post-game experiences

To book your personal VIP experience with your group, contact an Account Executive by calling or texting 915-235-GOAL.


Watch the El Paso Locomotive FC warmups from the field. 


Watch the El Paso Locomotive FC warmups from the field and take a group photo sitting in the official El Paso Locomotive FC team bench. 

high five tunnel

Be the first group to wish our players good luck and high five players as they enter the pitch from inside the team tunnel. 

photo on the pitch

Remember the night with an exclusive photo on the pitch in front of an official El Paso Locomotive FC goal. 

player pals

Walk hand in hand alongside the starting lineups for both El Paso Locomotive FC and the away team: Ages (4-12).

flag bearers

Be a part of the pre-game ceremony and during the national anthem present and hold the American flag at midfield.


Come out during halftime with your team or club and play on the same field as your El Paso Locomotive FC players: Ages (4-14).